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I have been creating websites using WordPress from the beginning. It was never just a blog you could make with WordPress. Due to extensive support from developers and designers alike, you could make the most complex and modern websites around, all with one system. Over the years, WordPress has evolved more than I could’ve imagined, and with more plugins and functionality being added every single day, the demands for a good web host did too.

And thus, the search began. After doing a few hours of research for cheap but reliable hosting, I came across multiple hosting providers that provided hosting for only WordPress and nothing else. When I checked out their websites, I found they had an amazing plethora of options and security just for WordPress which I could only dream of at the web hosts I had partnered up with earlier. There was a downside however, the price. I finally came along WPEngine and I decided to sign myself up with them, due to a promotional code which allowed the first 3 months to be hosted for only 4$ a month, instead of the usual 29$. What followed, was nothing but amazement.

At first, when entering the administration panel, I felt like it was a little bare bones.There weren’t halve as many pretty icons as there were on cPanel, which I was used to, and it was a bit strange to encounter something like this. However, after reading through their extensive documentation on how to do literally everything to start up your site, it was a true piece of cake. I set up my installation, I logged in, and the speed could immediately be felt. Images uploaded way quicker and were processed at least five times faster. But really, it was noticeable everywhere, not only the WordPress back end. So yes, they live up to all promises about up-time, speed and stability. In the year I have been hosted there, I haven’t had a single hacking attempt plus automatic backups are made daily. So security was also top notch.

The most important part of a web host, beside the hosting itself, is the support team. If a website should get hacked, go down for whatever reason or you simply have a question, support should always be available within a certain time. Fortunately, WPEngine did not disappoint here either. Their ticketing system is based on ZenDesk and thus, easy to use. Response times were normally within 1-2 hours and I never got a support assistant who wasn’t absolutely 100 % determined to help me. For most people, that’s enough, just like it is for me, but WPEngine wasn’t going to stop there. Not too long ago, they also added Live Chat support during business hours, and man oh man, they are with you within seconds. I mean, really, seconds. I got a lot of the same people who would normally help me over in the ticketing system, but talking to someone in real time is also more pleasant, and so it was.

All in all, I can safely say that, while they are expensive for small personal users, they are 100 % worth it. You truly feel like they are actually doing great stuff with your money. Speed, up-time, stability, security and support are nothing short of amazing, and they really do deserve credit for that. It’s not for nothing that Automattic, the company behind WordPress, had invested money in WPEngine, They live up to their name in all the ways I can think of, and maybe even more.


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